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humans of leap — amrita samant

the founders club annual report 2021

you say networking, we say community🙋🏻‍♀️

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putting the human in resources

Humans of leap — Alysha Lobo

here’s why & how we're building

Humans of leap — Ahana Gautam

cold emails that warm our hearts

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new app, who dis?

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here is our sales pitch


your swiss army knife for all things social & professional

we've definitely done something right

networking: the really fast + fun way to broaden your horizons

finding your own (social + professional) tribe

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finding your tribe with

(all the)

each conversation is a chisel that shapes us

cracking a job interview with the help of members

taking the leap to get a coach

Decisions, Decisions.

humans of leap- shrruti singh

confidence : the not so secret sauce for networking like a pro

Have you ever thought of coaching as self-care?

Yes, even 1 coaching session is worth it!

Feeling Like An Imposter Shouldn’t Be A Syndrome.

What Would Your Husband Say About This?

what would your husband say about this?

Your network is your net worth

Exec Coaching, Decoded

How to find someone to superconnect with

A Gang of Sisters

A few solid connections go a long way

Networking with a giver’s mindset

On Stories and Human Connection: The Fuel for Professional Networking

Building a strong professional network : one superconnect at a time

why we launched peer learning groups at

why we launched peer learning groups at

the members who make

the members who make

what happens when you find the right coach? Annual Report

annual report 2020

We’ve Gone Global!

Will The Real Masterclass Please Stand Up?